Be inspired by stories of reckless faith from around the world. These stories encourage us to keep going, to never give up, until every child is known and loved.

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Finding a Greater Understanding

In the last month, local psychiatrist Dr. Carlos Garcia Espinoza has provided several trainings for around 55 people affiliated with Back2Back, including Strong Families parents, 12 Stones staff, and Rancho de los Niños children’s home staff. Dr. Garcia Espinoza is a medical professional and psychiatrist trained in several types of therapies; he came highly recommended… Read more

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One Step Closer

Delilah* was reflecting on her time following a trip to Tourism Congress. It is a time for students to attend forums where they learn about the tourism industry, and then spend a day within the industry working. Delilah’s role was to be a support for her peers, and she realized very quickly it wasn’t a… Read more

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New Paths of Self-Discovery

As Back2Back continues to grow in depth and breadth of their care for vulnerable populations in India, there are cultural expectations to consider as the best, most holistic approach is provided. One of the key lessons staff understand is that, if the children served in-country want the best opportunities for jobs after studying in university… Read more

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Creating Memories Together

The room was buzzing with conversation and movement. Eight Strong Families were gathered around tables, engaging in games, conversation, and enjoying food. It was a day designated to celebrate the men who are fathers within the program, honoring their effort and engagement in caring for their families. “Events like this are multifaceted,” shared Matt Metzger,… Read more

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Rebuilding What Was Once Fractured

Much has changed recently at a Back2Back-partnering children’s home. When the pandemic made its way to Mexico, many of the children under Back2Back’s care returned to live with biological families, if it was safe for them to do so. This decision was not made lightly and allowed for decreased spreading of the virus, while still… Read more

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To Keep Pressing Forward

Aiden* is a young man with a vision. He wants better for himself than what he had growing up, and he wants to provide more for his family, too. He worked on completing his secondary education studies in the midst of the pandemic, but missed the in-person practice of serving patients, as the pandemic prevented… Read more

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Fortifying Their Futures

The visiting mission team gathered around the small house when they noticed the yellow tricycle parked in the side yard. Back2Back staff explained to the team that the matriarch of the family makes and sells bread in the community, and the recent purchase of the tricycle is helping her business grow. The guests smiled as… Read more

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New Skills for Their Families

Arbor Day is a day celebrated internationally to honor the environment and many celebrate by planting trees. In Haiti, it is about the environment, and also holds a connotation to natural living. To honor this, Nadege Similien, Back2Back Haiti Strong Families captain, hosted a nutritionist and the five moms in the program to learn more… Read more

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