Be inspired by stories of reckless faith from around the world. These stories encourage us to keep going, to never give up, until every child is known and loved.
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The Value of Persistence

Every week, children in the Strong Families Program in India attend story classes at the inner city community center. Recently, they studied the parable of the persistent widow in which a woman needs justice against her adversary and through persistent prayer, receives it. A teen who was present for the lesson held on to the… Read more

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Learning to Thrive

The Hope Education Program in India officially launched in 2019 when three young men moved from the Suzuki Samuel Hope Campus to junior college. One of the three young men, an exceptional athlete and social teen, struggled in his final year of high school, but passed and transitioned to junior college. While there, Deepak* and… Read more

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Sponsorship: One Relationship at a Time

A new trauma-informed school on the Back2Back India campus is officially open and is already impacting the lives of its students and their families. We are excited to announce that around 90 children who already attend the school were recently added into the sponsorship program and 118 families will join the Strong Families Program already… Read more

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Clarifying Their Own Emotions

The older boys on campus have had outbursts of anger recently, and Back2Back staff felt a desire to spend more time helping the young men recognize their emotions and understand what’s truly causing them. “When the staff came to me for any suggestions, I mentioned the movie Inside Out,” shared Julie Mowery, Back2Back India Stateside… Read more

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Growing from Hurts, Understanding They’re Known & Loved

Back2Back India stateside Director, Julie Mowery, recently visited India to connect with staff, children, and families. While she was there, she spent time with teaching staff at the Living Tree High School on campus, offered training for Strong Families in the city, and spent intentional time with campus children and Hope Education Program students. While… Read more

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Living Tree Discovery School: A Dream Realized

In 2019, a dream was brought to life when ground broke for the Living Tree Discovery School on the Suzuki Samuel India Hope Campus. Staff watched as long held plans came to fruition and blueprints became brick and mortar. They were excited for a day when children would no longer leave campus for government schools,… Read more

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Back to School: Around the World with Trauma-Informed Education

In classrooms full of children all around the world there are those who are studious, eagerly raising their hands, excited to learn, and remaining focused with ease. In those same classrooms, there are children overstimulated by what they see outside, who missed breakfast, or who didn’t sleep well the night before.  One classroom, 25 different… Read more

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Making Educational Progress

Ishir* is a young man who has experienced loss at an early age. He and his family joined the Strong Families Program in India several years ago, and the support they’ve received from staff and other families has grown Ishir exponentially. In 2021, he, his sister, and his mother suffered the devastating loss of their… Read more

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Hands-On, Trauma-Informed Education

For many years, it has been a dream of Back2Back staff to open and operate a trauma-informed, Back2Back school on the Suzuki Samuel Hope Campus. This became a reality when construction began in 2019. Over the course of several years, amidst construction delays and working around illness and weather, the main portion of the Living… Read more

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The Power of People Rooting for You

In the middle of a bustling city is a tight-knit community of families who do their best to provide for each other by sorting through garbage for their income. Many of the parents are raising their families within an environment they themselves were raised, meaning school wasn’t always a viable option, or their educational opportunities… Read more

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