Building Health: Home Improvements & Medical Care

A Back2Back-partnering children’s home in Mexico recently underwent significant renovations in order to welcome four young ladies placed by the government. A new washer and dryer area in the home has been renovated, and an upper floor apartment was completely renovated for the girls to inhabit. This space has sat idle and unused since the pandemic, and now it’s fully furnished – a safe and comfortable environment for the four girls.

In addition to home improvements, each of the girls underwent medical exams to ensure their physical health and address any concerns doctors discovered. They receive regular tutoring and are already showing great progress in and out of the classroom. 

One young lady arrived with significant speech difficulties, but in the time she’s been in the home, receiving consistent care and tutoring, her language skills have improved greatly. Together, staff are celebrating this considerable achievement.

Home improvements and holistic care are only possible when sponsors and advocates around the world come together, supporting and praying for vulnerable children and families. Teaming together to provide a safe, loving environment is crucial to breaking cycles and propelling young adults into a future full of promise. Together, we are ensuring every child fully understands they are known & loved.


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