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Our Approach

When situations get hard, we get determined. From the day
Back2Back began, we’ve put every ounce of our energy into
establishing deep, holistic care for vulnerable children and their families.

Our Approach


When we sense God’s leading to a particular area, we spend roughly a year laying the groundwork of building relationships and assessing needs before making a long-term commitment.

Community mapping and networking with others working in the area allows us to understand the laws and policies of local, state, and national governments. From there we can discover and add to what’s already being done.

Our partners are like-minded organizations and people that share our vision of seeing a day where every child is known and loved. By committing to use our 5-point Child Development Plan for long-term care and support, we get one step closer to making that vision a reality.

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Our Approach


We plant our roots deep in the communities we serve in order to work as closely as possible to those we’re partnering with.

Our open-handed approach to sharing knowledge and experience allows us to equip, educate, and support the efforts of local organizations to create sustainable change.

Training our partners on the ways trauma affects every child and family we work with is absolutely essential for long-term success.

Every story is different, so we make sure that every child we serve is put on an individual growth plan to be cared for in the way that best serves their specific needs.

Our Approach


Every year we meet as an organization to evaluate our work, double down on what’s working, make necessary changes, and adjust our strategic plans accordingly.

Trust is a crucial factor in our process. The best way we earn the trust of our donors and advocates is by frequently and transparently reporting each of the ways giving has made a difference.

Real Change Doesn't Happen Overnight.

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