Our Team

We're called to provide holistic care to children and their families as we relentlessly work to see a day where every child is dependent on Jesus, interdependent in their communities, and self sustainable.

Todd Guckenberger

Beth Guckenberger

Ramon Balderrama

Mike Bowles

Mike Bowles

Lisa Bursey

Rick Bursey

Eleazar Alvear Cardosa

Julie Cooper

Matt Cooper

Chris Cox

Chris Cox

Caleb Crotts

Patience Dimka

Sarah Ellis

Antonio Garcia

Cheque Garcia

Cheque Garcia

Hope Garcia

Rene Gonzalez

Travis Hesson

Corrie Guckenberger

Patricia Honeck

Nigeria Site Director

Azubike Kalu

JJ Lail

JJ Lail

Jeremy Lantz

Jeremy Lantz

Jana Monzel


Erick Mowery

Julie Mowery

Jason Munafo

Jason Munafo

Gabriela Nieto

Gabriela Nieto

Juan Porto

Chris Ramos

Chris Ramos

Darlene Ruiz

Gabriel Velasco

Our Board

Ann Satterfield

Brian Furnish

Dan Larson

Deb Greer

Dr. Tim Linker, MD

Jake Samad

Jeff Greer

Laura Metzler

Rob Robinson

Scott McQuinn

Shawn Weller

Todd Guckenberger

Tom Woelk

Will Housh

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