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Bringing holistic care to the third largest city in Mexico.

Back2Back in Monterrey

Back2Back began in Monterrey in 1997 when Beth and Todd Guckenberger moved there to partner with local children’s homes. Monterrey hosts the most Back2Back mission trip guests and works with the most children’s homes. The large separation between the wealthy and poor in Monterrey means our work is absolutely critical to break cycles of poverty.

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Strong Families
Pouring into entire families keeps vulnerable children where they truly belong: with family. Through classes, therapeutic support, job training, and spiritual guidance, children and parents are empowered to thrive together.
Children’s Homes
Whether Back2Back-run or a Back2Back partner, children’s homes provide trauma-informed care to the vulnerable, allowing space for holistic growth through spiritual, physical, educational, emotional and social care.
Hope Program
Vulnerable teens extend their education and pursue classes and training to accomplish their personal goals, often in the context of a family-style living arrangement while learning life skills.
Foster Care
Back2Back partners with government agencies and local churches to train and equip foster families. Children in need of safety and consistency live with these foster families while a forever family is pursued for each child.
Transition to Independence
Staff help young adults navigate life transitions by providing guidance towards dependence on Jesus, community connection, and sustainable independence.

Hope Doesn't Stand Still

Over the past 30 years, Back2Back has grown in the depth and breadth of efforts to restore the lives of those who have experienced trauma.

Today, we serve in communities across the world, including our own backyard.

Real Change Doesn't Happen Overnight.

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