Live a story worth telling.


You have this one precious life.

And every day, you choose how to invest your time …. your life. Some days, you invest in friends. Some days, you invest in family. Some days, you invest in community. Some days, you invest in you.

And some days… you feel that holy desire – the desire to invest in something new. Something that grows your world perspective, that serves, that loves, that gives. Something that makes you feel alive.

Join us.

Come alongside Back2Back Ministries as we serve orphans and vulnerable children around the globe. You have heard the shocking global numbers, but have you met the one child that will change everything?

Wherever you come from, whatever your gifts, whoever you are… join us.

Travel with us across oceans and through the mountains to whisper God’s words in the ears of children:

“I will extend you mercy. I will uphold your cause. I will help secure justice. You are not forgotten.”

Live a story worth telling.


You can provide deep, holistic care to orphans and vulnerable children through sponsorship. Connect and develop a meaningful relationship through letters.


You can make a positive impact on the lives of children through hands-on international ministry on a mission trip with Back2Back.


Join an army of world-changers dedicated to being a voice for orphans and vulnerable children around the world. Give monthly through The Movement.

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