Finding Home: Growth Within a Foster Family

The Foster Care Program in Mexico is gaining momentum as vulnerable children are placed with loving families and thriving in safe environments. Jose* is just one story of many children and teens welcomed into homes by trauma-informed, equipped adults ready to provide holistic care to children from hard places.  

Jose’s transition into full-time life with his foster family has been filled with love and acceptance. He was welcomed with open arms and since the day he arrived, has been treated like a biological member of their family. Jose’s life pre-placement was marked with challenges and slow development. Once he was settled with his foster family, they planted a message of hope and faith in God within his heart. They assisted him in rooting himself in Biblical truth and unconditional love, reinforcing emotional and spiritual well-being.  

Foster families with Back2Back are trauma-informed and understand the importance of holistic care for the whole child. When children and teens from hard places are loved well, consistently, they flourish – literally and figuratively. Jose has physically grown, signaling good health, proper nutrition and activity, and a positive environment to call home.

Jose’s fine and gross motor skills needed attention, and his foster family invested in private classes that have significantly improved his classroom performance. He has also developed socially, as he adapts to school and home environments in which emotional bonds with peers and safe adults have been established.  

Jose is currently a member of the children’s choir at his church, showing genuine interest in learning stories and verses from the Bible. He is demonstrating, daily, his willingness to learn and adopt new values.

Together, Jose and his foster family are stepping into each new day with eyes, ears, and hearts open. He is healing, learning he is loved and cherished, and is becoming a young man who will offer the people and spaces around him the same care he is being given.

Please join Back2Back in prayer of Jose and his foster family – that they continue to grow and learn together, and that Jose never questions again just how adored he is.


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