Miracles & Milestones: Medical Care and Birthday Celebrations

The young boy’s family was familiar with loss. One evening, they said goodnight, each laying down to sleep, and when morning came, the eldest brother had passed. In their grief and confusion, they decided it was what God wanted, trusting Him and asking for healing over their hurting hearts. Shortly after, Ade*, the younger brother of the family, started attending a Back2Back-partnering education center with nine other children from his home village.

Back2Back ensures every child they serve receives full, holistic care. They took the nine children to a local doctor for a check up. It was during this visit, staff and Ade’s family were informed of a genetic disease carried by his family, and Ade was diagnosed. After sharing the news with the family, and realizing medical care in the village would not be enough to treat this illness, staff and his parents made a plan for Ade, to ensure he received the care he would need to thrive.

Now, three years after the diagnosis, Ade knows when he feels pain as a result of his illness, he can ask to see his doctor. He takes supplements regularly to help his condition, and is now looking and acting healthier. He enjoys playing with his peers and learning in, and out of, school. 

Another young lady who also attends the education center recently returned for tutoring after a weekend and Monday off for a national holiday. When she arrived, the staff asked her when her birthday was. She looked at the staff in confusion.

Seeing her lack of understanding, the staff member quickly clapped their hands. “Happy Birthday, Ava! I’m so sorry we missed your birthday, because we didn’t meet on Sunday.”

Ava’s* face lit up with a smile as she quietly said thank you. For many of the children served in Nigeria, records of their birth aren’t kept, meaning most don’t know their actual birth dates. Staff don’t allow this to deter celebration, and include the children who may not know their actual  birthdays in the parties and moments of merrymaking.

From critical needs like healthcare to moments of joy-giving like birthdays, Back2Back staff prioritize caring for the whole child, not just parts of their story. Please join us in prayer over the many children who require extra medical care and for the many who don’t know their actual birthdays, but who are still wholly worthy of celebration. Together, with advocates and sponsors around the world, Back2Back staff ensure every child is known & loved.


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