A Vision for Her Future

In 2010, staff at a Back2Back community center met a young woman named Ana*. As she prepared to graduate high school and transition to university, staff helped her as she explored her passions and aptitudes. She quickly developed an affection for drawing, design, and architecture, and it ultimately led to her career choice. 

She is now a university student and through faithful advocacy and sponsorship, Ana has access to resources and tools to help her along the way as she earns her degree. Her educational pursuits are important, and staff has equally invested in her social/emotional growth. Through the community center she and her family attend, she receives mentorship, personal development, and assistance to obtain an internship at an architecture firm.

Ana is progressing in her professional endeavors and continues to grow as an artist through learning to play guitar. She also connects with staff for homework help when she needs it. Ana brings joy to everyone with whom she shares her passions. She attributes much of her growth and high hopes to the site staff and sponsors who have consistently cared for her over the years.

This is the power of sponsorship and advocacy in action. Children from hard places grow into young adults with vision for their futures, because safe adults walked into difficult stories and chose to stay. Please pray for Ana as she continues pursuing her degree and that she would show others Jesus through the way she lives.