Pray With Us

Prayer is essential in the work God is doing around the world. You are making a difference in the lives of children through prayer. Thank you!

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

  • Please pray for safety for the children as they travel to and from school, as well as ongoing protection for the virus when using public transportation and attending in-person classes.
  • Please pray for growth in the relationships between the children and their caregivers and for already existing connections to be deepened in the new year.

Hyderabad, India

  • Please pray for the eight young women in junior college who will take their Degree College entrance exams in the coming months. Pray for focus and determination as they study.
  • Please pray for the caregivers on campus as their responsibilities have shifted. They are meeting one-on-one every day with students and leading morning and evening devotions. Pray for rest and preparation for them, and that they know how invaluable they are.

Cancún, Mexico

  • Please pray for wisdom as staff anticipate reopening the community centers at the end of this month/beginning of February.
  • Please pray for staff to feel refreshed and ready to begin 2021.

Mazatlán, Mexico

  • Please pray for perseverance, joy, and strength for the children as they navigate this pandemic and continue to learn virtually.
  • Please pray for wisdom and peace for the caregivers who diligently show up for every child served.

Monterrey, Mexico

  • Please pray for site leadership as the 2021 Action Plan is put into place.
  • Please pray for the State Government as they make decisions affecting children’s placements after the vacation period – the state of Nuevo Leon is back to an emergency situation regarding the pandemic and many sectors are closing back up again.

Jos, Nigeria

  • Please pray for end-of-term exams and for the children to remain focused and diligent in their studies.
  • Please pray for staff who are juggling extra responsibilities and creatively planning safe and healthy ways to celebrate Christmas and the birth of our Savior with the children and families in Nigeria.

Dominican Republic

  • Please pray for protection for the Garcia family as they return to the D.R. this month. Pray for safety and easy transition.
  • Please pray for Leah Martinez as she moves to the D.R. this month to begin her work with the D.R. site.

Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Please pray for ongoing equality and unite in the city of Cincinnati as well as other cities around the world.
  • Please pray for the students as they transition back to school after extended time with families over break.

US Office

  • Please pray for a great, fresh start to the new year as we work through 2021 Action Plans.
  • Please pray for ongoing leadership development for Back2Back staff.

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