Pray With Us

Prayer is essential in the work God is doing around the world. You are making a difference in the lives of children through prayer. Thank you!

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

  • Please pray for continued safety for the children and staff as they travel to and from school and work each day.
  • Please pray for new,  bi-weekly Strong Families programming in the Canaan community. Pray for the children and parents who attend, and for relationships to grow as staff seek to identify potential program participants.

Hyderabad, India

  • Please pray for a recent surge of COVID-19 cases. India has now become the number one location for new cases. Pray for proper treatment and return to health for those affected.
  • Please pray for the staff and children as those in 6th-10th class are now back on campus. Pray for endurance for staff as they teach every subject in-person and for the children to remain focused and energized by being back together.

Cancún, Mexico

  • Please pray for the Strong Dad’s program as they have another connection event in May. Pray for staff to continue to make connections with dads and for the dads to feel encouraged during these intentional times.
  • Please pray for ongoing strength for the staff psychologist, Lili, as she gives support to families who are struggling.

Mazatlán, Mexico

  • Please pray for the Lord’s wisdom and guidance as staff continue to advocate for children with difficult home environments.
  • Please pray staff would continue to learn and grow in knowledge of how to disciple people well.

Monterrey, Mexico

  • Please pray for the physical and emotional health of Monterrey staff as summer arrives and they prepare to host visiting teams.
  • Please pray for the state – governor, senator, and mayoral elections are this year and staff could face changes in policies that direct the work done with children.

Jos, Nigeria

  • Please pray God will draw each staff person into a deeper level of friendship with Him as well as with each other. Pray for strengthening staff unity.
  • Please pray for all the students currently in the Transition Program who are seeking admission to university.

Dominican Republic

  • Please pray for the growth and strengthening of relationships with organizations already doing work in-country.
  • Please pray for COVID and its effects to subside in the D.R.

Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Please pray for the students who attend Cincinnati Public Schools as they have returned to in-person school 5 days a week.
  • Please pray for the after-school program recently launched by the Cincinnati team. Pray for the connections and care with families in Cincinnati continue to deepen.

US Office

  • Please pray for logistics and planning as final preparations are made for mission teams as they travel to serve at our Mexico sites. Pray for God to prepare the hearts of each person going to serve.
  • Please pray as staff transitions are occurring both in the U.S. and Nigeria. Pray for safe travel and smooth transitions for all.

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