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Prayer is essential in the work God is doing around the world. You are making a difference in the lives of children through prayer. Thank you!

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

  • The children as they head back to school at the beginning of August.
  • Haiti’s leaders as they look forward to upcoming elections.

Hyderabad, India

  • Each child served as staff begins to connect with them through new technology for spiritual, educational, emotional, and social development.
  • Staff, their families, the children, and their families for protection from the virus as cases in India are increasing.

Cancún, Mexico

  • Healing for families who have shown symptoms of COVID-19, and also for those who have tested positive.
  • Wisdom for staff as they continue to support families spiritually, physically, educationally, emotionally, and socially.

Mazatlán, Mexico

  • Protection over staff, children, and the community from COVID-19.
  • Hope Program transitions for the students and Hope Parents.

Monterrey, Mexico

  • New Hope Students who will be joining the Hope Program soon, but are on a delay as a result of COVID-19. Pray also for the House Parents as they prepare to welcome new students.
  • Current collaborations with government municipalities to receive Trauma Competent Care and Foster Care training.

Jos, Nigeria

  • Teens who will be moving into Hope Homes soon. Pray for God to build family bonds between the teens and their Hope Parents, and for love to grow in the homes.
  • Wisdom and guidance as staff continues to figure out how God wants them to reset plans for 2020 and begin planning for 2021.

Dominican Republic

  • Healing over the Dominican Republic from COVID-19.
  • Protection and provision for vulnerable children and their families as they return to quarantine for the month of August.

Cincinnati, Ohio

  • The children participating in the summer reading program as they continue to learn and grow with the new school year approaches.
  • Unity and equality in the city of Cincinnati.

US Office

  • U.S. staff who continue to work remotely during this time.
  • Clarity and direction as planning for 2021 will begin in the fall.

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