Child Sponsorship and Family Sponsorship

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God tells the best stories.

When you sponsor a child or family you’re not just giving money and putting a picture on your fridge (although those aren’t bad things). You are stepping into a child or family’s life in a unique way; you become a supporting character in their epic God-given storyline. You become a cheerleader, a guide, a helper. God can use you to be a part of bringing change to a child or family’s life.

“What I love about sponsoring a child with Back2Back is the depth of care my support provides. It may cost more than other sponsorship programs, but that’s exactly why I love it. I know I’m making a real difference.”

-Rick Carter
Back2Back Child Sponsor

One note at a time…

Watch the short film to see the impact of a sponsor relationship.

Not ready to sponsor, but want to help? Click the button to give to the Care Fund. 

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