Our Approach

Around the world we’re establishing footholds of deep, holistic care for orphaned and vulnerable children. Our goal isn’t a temporary fix or short-term relief.  We’re committed to helping any and all orphaned and vulnerable children eradicate all forms of generational poverty in their lives: spiritual, physical, educational, emotional and social.





Choosing a location

Sensing God’s leading and responding to invitations from those on the ground, we often spend more than a year building relationships and assessing needs before making a long-term commitment to a location. See where we work.

Discovering and adding to what’s already being done

Through community mapping, understanding the laws and policies of local, state, and national governments, and networking with others already working on the ground, we bring solutions that make the most sense.

Selecting partners

We seek both formal and informal partnerships with like-minded organizations – those committed to utilizing the 5-point Child Development Plan for the long-term care and support of orphaned and vulnerable children.


Strengthening partnerships

We embed full-time staff everywhere we serve in order to work directly in the community and right alongside our partners.

Establishing best practices

We provide assistance so our partners grow stronger. Board oversight and governance, budgeting, organizational best practices, and leadership development to name a few.

Trauma Training

Training our partners and other helpers in the community how trauma affects every child and family we work with is absolutely essential for long-term success.

Being the difference for one

We know every child we serve by name and an interdisciplinary team designs an individual growth plan for each one.

Proving It

Monitoring and Evaluation

Every year we meet as an organization and with each of our national partners to evaluate our work, double-down on what’s working, make necessary changes, and reset our strategic plans.

Reporting back to our advocates

Trust is earned and accountability is a good thing! We regularly report back to our donors and advocates so you know your giving makes a real difference.

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We have the best partners.


Generosity makes this work possible.


Holistic care looks different depending where we serve.

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