The Why Behind the Behavior

Alan* is just one of many students attending a Back2Back-run, trauma-informed school on-site in Mexico. He was timid and withdrawn when he started attending due to a speech impediment. His interactions had been strictly with his family, as they were the only ones who understood him when he tried to talk. He kept to himself and gave answers as short as possible, often resorting to hand motions and nodding to communicate his needs. His education suffered, as he lacked the confidence to ask for help.

As soon as Alan’s teachers understood the reason behind his behavior, they focused on building his confidence. They reminded him he had a right to speak and ask for what he needed, whether he was understood or not. They taught him how to formulate questions without fear of being mocked, and it was a perfect opportunity to illustrate empathy for his classmates, reinforcing that kindness matters, and we are all made differently and equally as loved. 

Over time, his morale was restored and he felt motivated to use his voice. Alan now sees his school as a safe place, where adults won’t tolerate bullying; it is where he is given tools to progress, process, and grow. Alan knows he has a right to use his voice, that using it is necessary for his advancement. He currently is one of the most talkative students in class and even feels capable of speaking up when something doesn’t feel right to him. As Alan grows in his self-assurance, he is forming relationships with peers and showing great academic stride.

Please join Back2Back as we pray over Alan and so many others like him – that they realize quickly how valuable their voices are, and that they, like everyone else, have a right to exercise them.