Be inspired by stories of reckless faith from around the world. These stories encourage us to keep going, to never give up, until every child is known and loved.
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Off to the Mountains

The atmosphere was quiet with the exception of a fire’s crackling and the hushed prayers of five safe adults. The seven teenagers present bowed their heads and closed their eyes, taking in the words being prayed over them, processing all that had taken place over the previous days. Among the seven teens, two were specifically… Read more

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Everyone is Looking to Belong

Written by Chris Cox, Back2Back Cincinnati Director On any given day, the Back2Back Cincinnati team can be found on a number of front porches in one of Cincinnati’s 52 neighborhoods.  Standing behind those front doors is a young man or woman facing charges within the court system. Cincy staff show up and knock, because one… Read more

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Showing the Generation Behind Her How It’s Done

Dirt paths wind from nearby villages to an area surrounded by black rocks- a God-crafted jungle gym. Within those rocks sits an educational oasis providing comfort, access, safe adults, snacks, and support. Inside those walls a young girl’s future was reclaimed, restored, and renamed. “I was not good at many things,” she shared evenly. “I… Read more

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Better Connected

Each year, Back2Back staff gather and create action plans for the children and families they serve. These plans differ from site to site, based on the needs of those served. This year one of the action plan items in Nigeria is a quarterly give back activity. Staff visited homes of widowed caregivers in the third… Read more

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Healing Comes from Play

In a neighborhood about five miles from the Back2Back Cincinnati site, 25 children call an apartment building with a rundown playground home. Those children recently took part in social, emotional, and educational activities with Back2Back staff over the summer. Staff took effective and often used strategies, implemented them with the children there, and left an… Read more

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“I feel at home here.”

Great Oaks Academy, Back2Back Nigeria’s Trauma-informed school is flourishing and continually welcoming in new students. Recently, staff members visited the school to see the students at work and ask how everything is going in the new environment. “The children look so grown up and beautiful in their new uniforms and shoes,” shared Patience Dimka, Back2Back… Read more

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Taking Bold Steps

Back2Back’s Transition to Independence Program was designed to help students move from living in family-style care to living on their own. They are taught how to budget, how to grocery shop, how to cook for themselves, and managing their day-to-day schedules. Young adults take brave steps out on their own, and they’re never left without… Read more

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The Impact of Local Volunteers

The local volunteer initiative in Monterrey, Mexico is one of the most thriving areas of the work being done in-country. Recently, current volunteers attended the film premiere for Sound of Freedom at a local theater. They passed out flyers about an informational meeting to become a volunteer. As a result of their service, several people… Read more

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Finding a Greater Understanding

In the last month, local psychiatrist Dr. Carlos Garcia Espinoza has provided several trainings for around 55 people affiliated with Back2Back, including Strong Families parents, 12 Stones staff, and Rancho de los Niños children’s home staff. Dr. Garcia Espinoza is a medical professional and psychiatrist trained in several types of therapies; he came highly recommended… Read more

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