Be inspired by stories of reckless faith from around the world. These stories encourage us to keep going, to never give up, until every child is known and loved.
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Everyone is Looking to Belong

Written by Chris Cox, Back2Back Cincinnati Director On any given day, the Back2Back Cincinnati team can be found on a number of front porches in one of Cincinnati’s 52 neighborhoods.  Standing behind those front doors is a young man or woman facing charges within the court system. Cincy staff show up and knock, because one… Read more

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Healing Comes from Play

In a neighborhood about five miles from the Back2Back Cincinnati site, 25 children call an apartment building with a rundown playground home. Those children recently took part in social, emotional, and educational activities with Back2Back staff over the summer. Staff took effective and often used strategies, implemented them with the children there, and left an… Read more


Forming Relationship, Finding Healing

Across the world, Back2Back staff have faithfully shown up and served vulnerable children for the last 25+ years. As the ministry grows, expanding its reach, depth, and breadth, families have become a top priority at many of the sites. Back2Back longs to see children in loving, safe homes, whether with their biological families or placed… Read more

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Let Me See Your Eyes

Connection Groups have long been an integral part of the care Back2Back staff are trained in and provide around the world. As the Cincinnati site continues to grow through local connections and strengthening with current partners, Connection Groups are thriving at local schools. For two years, Kaylee Yoder and Stephanie Powers, Back2Back Cincy staff members,… Read more

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What Lasts Longer Than a Program? How Communities of Belonging Change the Narrative

Two young eyes peered through a small window in the door. “Do you want to go in?”  Nine-year old Tabitha* shook her head no at the Back2Back staff member. “I’m too scared. No one will like me.”  Right on cue, Ella* laid down her coloring pencil and walked to the entryway, reaching her hand out…. Read more

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Making Sense of Their Worth

In 2021, Back2Back staff saw a pattern developing within the community of teens they served. There were young men getting in legal trouble with very few safe adults to speak positively on their behalf, and they knew something needed to be done. The Juvenile Justice Program in Cincinnati started at a local gym. A trainer… Read more

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Expressing Themselves Through Art

The room was loud. The adolescent girls’ voices clanged against walls as they moved around, bickered with each other, and tried to find a rhythm. “Everyone is so dysregulated,” thought Emma Martinez, Back2Back staff. She got a stack of paper and the tub of markers out and placed them in the middle of a table…. Read more

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Sweeter in Community

You can do it! You are brave. We are here with you. You can do hard things. The chorus of encouragement rang through the room at Urban Air. Children and teens part of Back2Back Cincinnati communities of belonging were on a field trip, and one young man stood on the edge of the zipline ledge,… Read more

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Investments of Fun

The women were sitting side by side down a line of chairs. The nail technicians opposite them held up their hands, rubbing lotion into them; the moms giggled at the sensation of the hand massage and admired their nails. A week before mother’s day,, Back2Back Cincy staff planned a special event for the moms group… Read more

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