Be inspired by stories of reckless faith from around the world. These stories encourage us to keep going, to never give up, until every child is known and loved.

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To Affect Those Around Them

Sponsorship funds ensure children at all Back2Back sites and within partnering children’s homes are afforded the holistic care they deserve. Faithful giving allows vulnerable youth and families hot meals, safe homes, and consistent educational opportunities. It also ensures medical professionals are readily available when they’re needed, that therapy is not a luxury to dream about,… Read more

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The Impact of Sponsorship

A recent crisis in a local village required children being relocated to a Back2Back partnering children’s home for their safety. Many of the children arrived with very little of their own items and clothing, and staff wanted to ensure they felt seen and comfortable in their new home. When you sponsor a child through Back2Back,… Read more

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Drastic, Encouraging Changes

In trauma informed care, we are taught that a child who approaches someone new as if they’ve known them their whole lives, is displaying indiscriminate friendliness. Children with trauma histories often miss the key developmental milestones of attaching to a safe adult. Whether raised in a children’s home or between various family members, they may… Read more

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Prepared to Pay it Forward

Child sponsorship is an integral way Back2Back helps facilitate safe, lasting relationships for children and adults from around the world. The financial support it provides allows holistic care for each child, and the emotional investment made has eternal impact. One young man came to live at a Back2Back partnering children’s home in 2013 when he… Read more

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Better Connected

Each year, Back2Back staff gather and create action plans for the children and families they serve. These plans differ from site to site, based on the needs of those served. This year one of the action plan items in Nigeria is a quarterly give back activity. Staff visited homes of widowed caregivers in the third… Read more

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Building Up Future Leaders

Recently, children at a Nigeria partnering children’s home attended a week-long camp together. The camp allowed space for children to connect, take part in activities, listen to motivational talks, and had time to explore their Bibles during quiet time. The captain of the home, Swanta Zakka, works diligently to create enabling environments for the children… Read more

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Beating the Odds

The National Stadium is a multipurpose sports stadium located in the capital city of Nigeria. The stadium serves as home to the Nigerian National Football team, as well as a center for various social, cultural, and religious events. Recently, a partnering children’s home went on an excursion to the capital city, and they got to… Read more

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The Impact of Investment

Back2Back’s sponsorship program allows connections between safe adults and vulnerable populations around the world. Each month, the generous giving allows children, teens, and families to receive access to food, educational opportunities, new experiences, therapies, and Biblical principles. The holistic care for every child allows them to break cycles of poverty and trauma and equips them… Read more

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