Be inspired by stories of reckless faith from around the world. These stories encourage us to keep going, to never give up, until every child is known and loved.
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Beating the Odds

The National Stadium is a multipurpose sports stadium located in the capital city of Nigeria. The stadium serves as home to the Nigerian National Football team, as well as a center for various social, cultural, and religious events. Recently, a partnering children’s home went on an excursion to the capital city, and they got to… Read more

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The Impact of Investment

Back2Back’s sponsorship program allows connections between safe adults and vulnerable populations around the world. Each month, the generous giving allows children, teens, and families to receive access to food, educational opportunities, new experiences, therapies, and Biblical principles. The holistic care for every child allows them to break cycles of poverty and trauma and equips them… Read more

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Educational Access is a Right

Educational access is a key pillar in Back2Back’s Five Point Child Development Plan. Vulnerable populations often don’t receive equity in their educational careers or lack the resources to continue their schooling, as in most of the countries Back2Back serves, free, public education ends in the 8th grade. For the children Back2Back serves globally, staff work… Read more

AllInspirational LivingNigeriaPartner Children's HomeStories

Discovering Her Voice

When Back2Back staff first met Agnes*, they could see the remnants of the trauma she experienced in her eyes, demeanor, and lack of confidence. “I met Agnes about a year ago, when the partnering children’s home she is at first opened,” explained Blessing, Back2Back staff and caregiver. “She was incredibly shy, painfully almost, had very… Read more

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Pure Delight in Their Faces

Birthday celebrations are an integral part to the holistic care Back2Back staff offer to vulnerable children around the world. It is a day designated to communicate to one special child, you are seen, you have value, you are worthy of celebration. For many children around the world, before coming into Back2Back’s care, birthday celebrations might… Read more

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Altering Their Perception

Ene Oklo, Back2Back staff, overheard some of the younger children at a partnering children’s home recently. “I’ve never had strawberries before, have you?” One child asked the group. “No, but I always wonder what they would taste like!” A few of them exclaimed in response. The area where the children live in Nigeria is known… Read more

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Their Very Own “Re-Do”

Staff across all Back2Back sites go through extensive trauma-informed care training. This allows everyone who interacts with children and who shares stories or videos on their behalf understand what vulnerable populations need most.  Recently, staff at a partnering children’s home in Monterrey recommitted their desire to learning more and going deeper as trauma-informed teachers, psychologists,… Read more

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