Play Provides Healing

Cricket made its way to India in the 18th century by European merchant sailors, and has since become a beloved sport country-wide. Recently, a group of boys in the Strong Families program expressed interest in playing in a more organized manner. The community center where families attend lacks acreage and space; there are areas nearby available, but players are required to wear proper equipment and the boys didn’t have any. 

“When the children started to really express interest in playing more regularly, I wanted to help make it happen; I wanted to honor them using their voices and asking questions,” shared Sampath Burla, Back2Back staff. 

After submitting a formal request to purchase equipment for the boys, both staff and children were elated to receive the go ahead. The approved funding purchased helmets, gloves, paddles, and protection pads for the boys. Once a week, they go to a designated area offsite to practice under the supervision of staff. With the new equipment, they’re also eligible for professional coaching throughout the summer holidays. Back2Back staff know that healing happens when children have space and ability to play. This is just an additional step in holistic care providing restoration through play.

As children around the world learn the power of their own voices and their ability to ask for what they wish for, they’re learning the safe adults in their life will not only listen, they will work to help make things happen for them.