The children filed into the community center area. Their chatter was cheerful as they waited for their breakfast and a time of worship. This scene is becoming a regular occurrence at a Back2Back community center every Saturday. Desayunador, or Saturday breakfast ministry, is a newer initiative Back2Back staff have started in Mexico. The first was five weeks ago and together, they are learning and growing to make the event as big of a success as it can be. Families are invited to receive a free breakfast, a time of devotion/worship, and then activities designed around the five point child development plan. Children and families from two different communities come every Saturday; about 56 children and six parents show up faithfully and 10 to 12 staff and volunteers wait eagerly to serve them.

The activity portion of the day is centered around Back2Back’s Child Development Plan, which ensures every child and parent in programming receives spiritual, physical, educational, emotional, and social care. The children are separated into groups and rotate to five different stations: they practice math skills to grow educationally; they learn about body safety to grow more emotionally aware; they play on the soccer field for physical growth; they engage socially with their peers through board and outdoor games, and their spiritual maturation is invested in through Bible study crafts and activities. 

“The objective of this weekly gathering is to connect with the children and their families in the communities we regularly serve,” shared Back2Back staff. “We aim to present Jesus to each attendee through the activities and relationships we’re building.”

After just five weeks, this aim is being met, and exceeded. Several families have approached staff about taking part in other programming offered at the community center, and a mom who attends with her children recently took steps toward Jesus and was baptized. Staff and her family were present for the momentous occasion, and it was a tangible reminder to everyone that Jesus can use any person and any gathering to reach His kids’ hearts.

As the staff team looks forward to more of these gatherings each week, they hope to offer more activities in general and especially in the summer. The pool will be utilized, they plan to host soccer tournaments, involve more local volunteers, and expand activities for the parents, as well as children.

Weekly breakfast is not just a meal for families who need it, it’s becoming a space of safety, trust, and growth for children and their parents, alike. This is the power of community and allowing oneself to grow within it. Please join Back2Back in prayer that these breakfasts would continue to plant seeds and till the soil of eager and fertile hearts in each family.