Be inspired by stories of reckless faith from around the world. These stories encourage us to keep going, to never give up, until every child is known and loved.
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The Beauty of Life in Community

Back2Back’s Transition to Independence Program comes alongside young adults as they transition from one season of their lives to a new one, often resulting in independent living. Staff teams provide mentorship, life skills, and general support to each young adult in the program as they navigate life in new spaces and areas. One of Back2Back’s… Read more

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The Why Behind the Behavior

Alan* is just one of many students attending a Back2Back-run, trauma-informed school on-site in Mexico. He was timid and withdrawn when he started attending due to a speech impediment. His interactions had been strictly with his family, as they were the only ones who understood him when he tried to talk. He kept to himself… Read more

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A Vision for Her Future

In 2010, staff at a Back2Back community center met a young woman named Ana*. As she prepared to graduate high school and transition to university, staff helped her as she explored her passions and aptitudes. She quickly developed an affection for drawing, design, and architecture, and it ultimately led to her career choice.  She is… Read more

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God is at Work

“I’d rather not have a birthday party this year,” Santiago* told his foster mom directly. Lola* and her husband have fostered Santiago for most of his life. In the time they’ve cared for him, raising him as their own, they also came to know his biological mom. Santiago’s 11th birthday was around the corner when… Read more

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Time to Celebrate & Dream

Back2Back’s holistic approach to care is centered around presence and purpose. We teach children and parents alike the importance of playing with purpose, guiding safe adults toward trauma competent caregiving; we intentionally invest in the spiritual, physical, educational, emotional, and social spheres of every child, teen, and adult served. On January 5th of this year,… Read more

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A Day at the Ranch

At the end of December, eight young adults and ten Back2Back Mazatlán staff were able to take part in a special day set aside just for them. Local volunteers who regularly visit this home and serve there invited them to a farm/ranch called Las Habas.  It was a full day in which the young adults… Read more

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Fully Immersed

Adelina’s* mom took in the area around her. The palapa where she learns alongside other parents, the playground where her children play freely, and she felt peace. She felt a safety she’d not experienced before, because she knew her children also felt safe. When Back2Back staff first met Adelina, she was extremely backward. When she… Read more

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Hope is Abounding

“Is it time?” The young boy looked eagerly at his mom as she got her daughters ready for school. “Not just yet, Josue*,” she smiled, winking at him. She loved the eagerness he felt to be at school alongside his sisters. This exchange was a common one throughout weekday mornings at Josue’s house. His oldest… Read more

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To Reflect God’s Heart

It was 2010, and Matt and Julie Cooper, long-time friends and staff members, joined us in Cancun to explore the possibility of a new site. We had some appointments to see children’s homes and were all praying God would make it clear where He wanted our next investment. We visited an all-girl’s children’s home and… Read more

AllInspirational LivingMexicoStoriesTransitions Program

The River of Community

Written by Sammy Summerlin, Back2Back Staff Community is like a river, a constant current flowing by countless faces and places. Its path winds us through family gatherings, school assemblies, local restaurants, and neighborhood block parties. Along its banks are different people and life situations, each one building into us through experiences and individual understandings of… Read more

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