Be inspired by stories of reckless faith from around the world. These stories encourage us to keep going, to never give up, until every child is known and loved.
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To Make Space for Play

Recently, the children who call the India Samuel Suzuki Hope Campus home had the opportunity to visit a 4D Theme Park! The large park holds a bird sanctuary, a play area, and the chance to drive ATV’s for the bigger kids. The day was filled with new experiences and a chance to see a different… Read more

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Seeing Clearly for the First Time

The campus was filled with a buzz of conversation and excitement. Families from neighboring villages made the trek to the Suzuki Samuel Hope Campus in India for a medical clinic, and the opportunity to be seen and heard by medical professionals created an atmosphere of welcoming. “It was such a unique opportunity to host the… Read more

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Educational Access is a Right

Educational access is a key pillar in Back2Back’s Five Point Child Development Plan. Vulnerable populations often don’t receive equity in their educational careers or lack the resources to continue their schooling, as in most of the countries Back2Back serves, free, public education ends in the 8th grade. For the children Back2Back serves globally, staff work… Read more

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Family Reunification: A Gift

Back2Back knows that when it is best for the children served, the safest, most healthy place for them to be is with their biological family. This isn’t always possible, for a myriad of reasons, but when it is, staff work diligently alongside the bio family to ensure successful reintegration. Recently, five children were fully reintegrated… Read more

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Discovering Her Voice

When Back2Back staff first met Agnes*, they could see the remnants of the trauma she experienced in her eyes, demeanor, and lack of confidence. “I met Agnes about a year ago, when the partnering children’s home she is at first opened,” explained Blessing, Back2Back staff and caregiver. “She was incredibly shy, painfully almost, had very… Read more

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Pure Delight in Their Faces

Birthday celebrations are an integral part to the holistic care Back2Back staff offer to vulnerable children around the world. It is a day designated to communicate to one special child, you are seen, you have value, you are worthy of celebration. For many children around the world, before coming into Back2Back’s care, birthday celebrations might… Read more

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Choosing to Engage

The line kept getting longer. Two young men had been standing for what felt like hours. The air was thick with anticipation, heat, and impatience. They were doing their best to wait through the chaos of the voting center; it was their first opportunity to vote, and they didn’t want to miss the chance to… Read more

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Preparing for Their Futures

Three Senior students from a Back2Back-run, trauma-informed school recently experienced a rite of passage many teens around the world share – college visits! In early March, three seniors visited five local universities to learn more about their options for furthering their education. “The three students, along with three Back2Back staff, took a lot of time… Read more

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Let Me See Your Eyes

Connection Groups have long been an integral part of the care Back2Back staff are trained in and provide around the world. As the Cincinnati site continues to grow through local connections and strengthening with current partners, Connection Groups are thriving at local schools. For two years, Kaylee Yoder and Stephanie Powers, Back2Back Cincy staff members,… Read more

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