A Path Worth Traversing

She sat behind the sewing machine, next to a window bright with daylight. Surrounding her were fabrics, threads, and the security that comes with mastering a skill. It was a scene worth savoring, a story told in the hum of the machine and the steady hands guiding the fabric beneath the needle. For the young woman, and the safe adults who love her, this was a happy ending. 

Meera* has struggled with academics for as long as she can remember. When Back2Back staff first met her, she struggled to read, retain information, and her speech wasn’t easily understood. Her lack of interest in studying only grew with time, and when it was time for her to take final exams before university, it felt like a bigger hurdle than she could overcome alone. She did pass her exams, but she knew university wasn’t her best option. Together, she and the staff team discussed her future aspirations and how she could achieve them. 

Meera now stays with her aunt and uncle; they are able to care for her, offering support and consistent love as she navigates life after school. As Meera considered her future and how she wanted to contribute to the world around her, she kept returning to sewing.

These desires were seen by staff, and they encouraged her to take this step toward learning a new skill. Sponsorship funds allowed her to take part in sewing classes, learning the basics and building from there. Today, she sews regularly, feeling like she is giving back in a small way by using her gifts. As she learns more about her craft and trying new patterns, she one day hopes to own her own tailoring boutique to serve those around her.

The power of sponsorship and a staff team who truly understand the children they serve is what makes stories like Meera’s possible; four year universities are not the best fit for every young adult. Every one has a unique call over their lives, they just need. help finding the right path. Meera sees now that her path may be different from her peers, but it is still a path worth traversing. And with the support of her uncle, Back2Back staff, and sponsors around the world, she knows she has talent, and those talents and dreams will be fostered.