Be inspired by stories of reckless faith from around the world. These stories encourage us to keep going, to never give up, until every child is known and loved.
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A Path Worth Traversing

She sat behind the sewing machine, next to a window bright with daylight. Surrounding her were fabrics, threads, and the security that comes with mastering a skill. It was a scene worth savoring, a story told in the hum of the machine and the steady hands guiding the fabric beneath the needle. For the young… Read more

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Shaping the Next Generation

The group of young adults sat silently, soaking in every word from Sara Jensen’s message. It was the final session of a one and a half day retreat for Hope Education teens. The goal of it being to foster connection between peers, staff, and God. It was almost two full days filled with paintball, dance… Read more

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A Vision for Her Future

In 2010, staff at a Back2Back community center met a young woman named Ana*. As she prepared to graduate high school and transition to university, staff helped her as she explored her passions and aptitudes. She quickly developed an affection for drawing, design, and architecture, and it ultimately led to her career choice.  She is… Read more

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Prepared to Pay it Forward

Child sponsorship is an integral way Back2Back helps facilitate safe, lasting relationships for children and adults from around the world. The financial support it provides allows holistic care for each child, and the emotional investment made has eternal impact. One young man came to live at a Back2Back partnering children’s home in 2013 when he… Read more

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Celebrating What’s Next

The puzzle pieces laid across the tables in front of the four young men. Their house parents stood in before them, speaking words of encouragement and life, telling them the puzzle is a reminder that all the answers to the puzzles of life are found in God and their Bibles. The young men smiled gratefully… Read more

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Choosing to Engage

The line kept getting longer. Two young men had been standing for what felt like hours. The air was thick with anticipation, heat, and impatience. They were doing their best to wait through the chaos of the voting center; it was their first opportunity to vote, and they didn’t want to miss the chance to… Read more

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Preparing for Their Futures

Three Senior students from a Back2Back-run, trauma-informed school recently experienced a rite of passage many teens around the world share – college visits! In early March, three seniors visited five local universities to learn more about their options for furthering their education. “The three students, along with three Back2Back staff, took a lot of time… Read more

A group of 4 young men hiking up a mountain trail
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A Mountaintop Experience

Four Hope Program students sat atop the high mountain peak and looked at their city below. One of the young men started pointing, calling out landmarks or locations he recognized as the sun shone brightly from a cloudless, blue sky.  Recently, an OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) team visited Monterrey, Mexico. As a team of athletes,… Read more

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