Be inspired by stories of reckless faith from around the world. These stories encourage us to keep going, to never give up, until every child is known and loved.
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First Round Graduates!

Trauma-informed schools are on the rise at Back2Back sites around the globe. Over the years, as Back2Back staff have served children attending village and government-run schools, they saw inconsistencies as students struggled to keep up, many often repeating grades. As they prayed and consulted God for what was best for each child, the answer became… Read more

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Prepared to Pay it Forward

Child sponsorship is an integral way Back2Back helps facilitate safe, lasting relationships for children and adults from around the world. The financial support it provides allows holistic care for each child, and the emotional investment made has eternal impact. One young man came to live at a Back2Back partnering children’s home in 2013 when he… Read more

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Showing the Generation Behind Her How It’s Done

Dirt paths wind from nearby villages to an area surrounded by black rocks- a God-crafted jungle gym. Within those rocks sits an educational oasis providing comfort, access, safe adults, snacks, and support. Inside those walls a young girl’s future was reclaimed, restored, and renamed. “I was not good at many things,” she shared evenly. “I… Read more

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Better Connected

Each year, Back2Back staff gather and create action plans for the children and families they serve. These plans differ from site to site, based on the needs of those served. This year one of the action plan items in Nigeria is a quarterly give back activity. Staff visited homes of widowed caregivers in the third… Read more

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“I feel at home here.”

Back2Back newest Trauma-informed school is flourishing and continually welcoming in new students. Recently, staff members visited the school to see the students at work and ask how everything is going in the new environment. “The children look so grown up and beautiful in their new uniforms and shoes,” shared Patience Dimka, Back2Back staff. “It feels… Read more

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Building Up Future Leaders

Recently, children at a Nigeria partnering children’s home attended a week-long camp together. The camp allowed space for children to connect, take part in activities, listen to motivational talks, and had time to explore their Bibles during quiet time. The captain of the home, Swanta Zakka, works diligently to create enabling environments for the children… Read more

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Beating the Odds

The National Stadium is a multipurpose sports stadium located in the capital city of Nigeria. The stadium serves as home to the Nigerian National Football team, as well as a center for various social, cultural, and religious events. Recently, a partnering children’s home went on an excursion to the capital city, and they got to… Read more

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To Play with Purpose

In 2021, Back2Back Co-Executive Directors, Todd and Beth Guckenberger, wanted to empower field staff around the world toward innovation on the front lines. They wanted to encourage teams to use generously-given funds for specific projects that would benefit the children and families served. The project was coined Dolphin Tank after the well-known Shark Tank. Staff… Read more

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