Be inspired by stories of reckless faith from around the world. These stories encourage us to keep going, to never give up, until every child is known and loved.
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Family Reunification: A Gift

Back2Back knows that when it is best for the children served, the safest, most healthy place for them to be is with their biological family. This isn’t always possible, for a myriad of reasons, but when it is, staff work diligently alongside the bio family to ensure successful reintegration. Recently, five children were fully reintegrated… Read more

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Discovering Her Voice

When Back2Back staff first met Agnes*, they could see the remnants of the trauma she experienced in her eyes, demeanor, and lack of confidence. “I met Agnes about a year ago, when the partnering children’s home she is at first opened,” explained Blessing, Back2Back staff and caregiver. “She was incredibly shy, painfully almost, had very… Read more

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Choosing to Engage

The line kept getting longer. Two young men had been standing for what felt like hours. The air was thick with anticipation, heat, and impatience. They were doing their best to wait through the chaos of the voting center; it was their first opportunity to vote, and they didn’t want to miss the chance to… Read more

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Altering Their Perception

Ene Oklo, Back2Back staff, overheard some of the younger children at a partnering children’s home recently. “I’ve never had strawberries before, have you?” One child asked the group. “No, but I always wonder what they would taste like!” A few of them exclaimed in response. The area where the children live in Nigeria is known… Read more

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With Their Eyes on Him

“Every decision you make this year, be sure to involve God. You will have a lot of new experiences and choices to make, but be sure you don’t forget He is to be a part of it all,” Abeke*, a veteran Transition student, spoke these words over the incoming Transition Program teens in Nigeria. Back2Back… Read more

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Somewhere to Turn

Back2Back staff understand and are trained in providing trauma-competent care to every child they cross paths with. Training and experience proves that trauma is often cyclical, and a result of the adults in a child’s life possibly not receiving holistic care and trauma-informed approaches themselves. This is a key reason, in some cases, Back2Back staff… Read more

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When We Say Yes

Victory Heritage Family Home is a newer partnering home in Nigeria. Staff have been working with the home for about a year, and Blessing, the captain of the home and Back2Back staff, is seeing vast improvements among the seven children who call the space home. “Blessing has a lot of experience working with children who… Read more

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Spreading Hope Through Graduation

The joy in the room was evident and loud. The ten graduates smiled as they received praise and honored their own achievements with those who know and love them the most.  Recently, ten Hope Education Program students graduated from high school! For Hope Program students around the world, many receive diplomas and accolades as the… Read more

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