Shaping the Next Generation

The group of young adults sat silently, soaking in every word from Sara Jensen’s message. It was the final session of a one and a half day retreat for Hope Education teens. The goal of it being to foster connection between peers, staff, and God.

It was almost two full days filled with paintball, dance competitions, and fun, silly games designed to initiate camaraderie among peers and to instill a key truth. Play provides healing. When they weren’t engaging in purposeful play and connecting with peers, sessions were held in the morning and evenings, with worship and a guest speaker. 

On the final night, Back2Back staff, Sara Jensen, spoke on generations inspiring faith, based on a similar talk given by Beth Guckenberger at 2023’s A Night of Hope. Sara reminded them their  influence today can inspire a faith journey for anyone they come into contact with. “Due to this influence,” she shared, “our actions, behaviors, and speech will shape the next generation. This means you have the power to be a good example and build a new generation of citizens for the Kingdom.”

Eyes were laser focused as Sara as she spoke, and former Hope Education students returned to share their own stories of trial, triumph, and where they are now. It was a unique and hopeful experience for the students. It reminded them they’re exactly where they need to be, surrounded by safe adults who truly want to see them succeed. The evening ended with an invitation to welcome Jesus into their story. A few students stepped forward, and their peers and the adults prayed over each of them.  

The entire retreat culminated in spontaneous worship that continued on long after it was intended to conclude. It was a moment in time filled with joy, love, and tangible energy. Please join Back2Back in prayer over every young adult present at the retreat – that the lessons they learned and the encouragement received leaves an impact that will eventually ripple into upcoming generations. Together, with advocates and sponsors, Back2Back staff remain in the fight of bringing the vulnerable to Jesus and showing His love in everything they do.