Be inspired by stories of reckless faith from around the world. These stories encourage us to keep going, to never give up, until every child is known and loved.

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Hope in the Journey

The beauty of Haiti is unparalleled. In one direction, peaks of hilly land jut out against a clear, blue sky and in another direction, water shimmers beneath palm trees. In between land and water, there are 11 million Haitian men, women, and children. It is an island that has long suffered from natural disasters, lack… Read more

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Reset & Refocus

Back2Back staff work long hours, step into difficult story lines, and never stop fighting on behalf of the vulnerable populations they serve globally. Each year, the Back2Back Care Team hosts staff retreats for the different staff teams, and this year in the D.R. it was an extra special time. “We decided to hold an island… Read more

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New Skills for Their Families

Arbor Day is a day celebrated internationally to honor the environment and many celebrate by planting trees. In Haiti, it is about the environment, and also holds a connotation to natural living. To honor this, Nadege Similien, Back2Back Haiti Strong Families captain, hosted a nutritionist and the five moms in the program to learn more… Read more

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To Maintain Tradition

There is a particular time of year every year where colorful kites can be seen floating and hanging all around Haiti. While Americans celebrate Easter with egg hunts, Haitians hand make kites from colorful paper, sticks, or whatever supplies they can find around their homes. This time of year provides the strongest winds, allowing children… Read more

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Safe Space to Process

The neighborhood of a partnering children’s home in Haiti hasn’t been quiet for weeks. Rival gangs created turmoil and noise for neighboring communities, causing many to flee or shelter-in-place for safety. The children at this home stayed put, and remained inside, with directors. Schools were closed for up to three weeks as a result of… Read more

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Generational Decisions

The four young men led Todd Guckenberger, Executive Director of Back2Back, around their home. For three of them, it was the first time they were giving a tour of what felt like their own space. The four Hope Program students were animated as they showed Todd around, opening the doors to their rooms, and leading… Read more

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Discovering Their Giftings

The normally bright room has the curtains drawn, an overhead projector is running. Each teen sits in front of their own laptop, as they navigate learning a new computer program called Microsoft Word.  In late January, Lucson Jeannot, Back2Back staff, kicked off a computer programming class for the Hope Education Program students. He saw early… Read more

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Celebrating Through the Hard Times

2021 was a difficult year for people everywhere. Staff and children in Haiti are no exception as they navigated educational changes due to the pandemic, and also adjusted to new ways of day-to-day life in response to riots, government tragedies, and additional closures. Staff stepped up in big ways to ensure children continued their schooling… Read more

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Understanding Their Worth and Value

“Okay, now smile on three – one, two, threeeee!” Back2Back staff clicked the camera as the family before them gave their best smiles. Smiling for sponsorship photos is a scene played out annually across the Back2Back sites. For several families in Haiti, it is a first. Over the last year, informal programming was held to… Read more

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