Embracing Life with Determination & Courage

Lily* has spent her life facing challenges most of her peers will never encounter. At almost 18-years old, she experiences daily battles with health conditions most would buckle beneath, but Lily rises. She has, over the years, learned to recognize the warning signs in her body and how to manage self-administering medications when they’re needed. She’s taken the time to learn about nutrition and understanding what foods are best for her and which are not. She additionally has experienced emotional challenges and has sought the best self-care practices crucial to her own wellbeing.

In the midst of health problems and navigating the world as a teenager, Lily decided early on she would embrace life with determination and courage. She doesn’t want to be defined by her body’s limitations, and instead gives her all in every situation she encounters.

She recently received an internship working at a prestigious hotel chain in the area, and proceeded to surprise several collaborators, including experienced chefs, by demonstrating her skills in the kitchen. Her abilities were met with praise and congratulations, and she knew she was taking the right steps, not allowing her condition to hinder accomplishments. 

Lily recently received an additional diagnosis, leading her to better learn how to care for herself and continue achieving goals. In the face of this adversity, she has grown more resilient and attuned to what she needs and when. It is with admiration that Back2Back staff note she hasn’t given up on any of her dreams, continuing forward with grit. She has recently decided to pursue a career in criminology. 

All around the world, Back2Back staff serve teens just like Lily – teens who overcome obstacles, persevere, and work diligently everyday to remain purposeful and tenacious. Please join Back2Back in prayer for Lily and others like her, that they never allow a diagnosis to build walls around their aspirations, understanding the support system they have behind them as they forge new trails.