His Unflagging Love, by Ally Horine, Back2Back Mexico Trip Participant from Northstar Vineyard Youth Group »

Our trip started out with the group arriving on campus to discover that Back2Back was bussing kids from the children’s home, Imperio de Amor, to their campus so that we could have a pool party and cookout with them. We were all tired from traveling, but excited to play with the children. We played with […]

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World Cup Outreach in Nigeria, by Corrie Guckenberger, Back2Back Nigeria Staff »

This past Friday, the first World Cup game of the year was played on South African soil. As a ministry we used this event to kick-off our new “Oasis Community Center”. It was our grand opening of a Center that will host the viewing of futbol games and other media events. It is a joint […]

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Safari with Kids from ERJ Children’s Home, by Caroline Burns, Back2Back Mexico Staff »

A few weeks ago, I went with a Family Christian Stores James Fund mission trip team that was serving with us for the week to go on a field trip with the kids from ERJ, El Retiro Juvenil Children’s Home. We went to my favorite field trip location on the entire planet: Bioparque Estrella. At […]

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Perspective from a Back2Back US Intern, by Carolyn Gagliardi, US Summer Intern »

We went around my classroom at Taylor University saying where our internships were for the summer.  Many of my business management classmates were working for major corporations and were getting paid big money for their summer internships. I am not saying that I am some kind of martyr for interning for a non-profit organization this […]

Half of a Bologna Sandwich, by Brian Bertke, Back2Back US Staff »

Since my first trip to Haiti in April, I have been thinking about a boy I met in the garbage dump. The organization that we are considering a partnership with, Jesus in Haiti, has a feeding program in the dump, and it is often the only meal that the children there will receive for the […]

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We Want Him, by Cathy Huffer, Back2Back Mexico Staff »

“No! You can’t take him. WE WANT HIM,” were the words that came from the back of the bus. Three of the guys from the short-term mission group that we had taken to the Rio, had their arms around him and weren’t letting him go. Antonio, one of our Back2Back staff guys, had jumped on […]


Fabulous Fatima, by Kathy Couch, Back2Back Mexico Staff »

There is this lively little five year old girl at one home we serve.  Her name is Fatima. She is a bundle of energy and orneriness oozes out of her pores! During Semana Santa (the week before Easter), several of the kids went  home to stay with relatives for the holiday.  Not Fatima.  She stayed […]


The Reeds’ Journey to Nigeria »

In the spring of 2009, Will and Theresa began to ask God what He had in store for them when Theresa graduated college in 2010. As they prayed, they were continually led to Back2Back, the same ministry they were serving with in Mexico when they met for the first time. After conversations with staff and […]

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Provision through Donations, by Corrie Guckenberger, Back2Back Nigeria »

As many of you know there was a large crisis that happened here in Jos in January and then again in March. In the wake of those two specific crisis, there is a hole of need for those who have been left behind. Many, many children have been left with no earthly possessions, no clothing, […]

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Letters from the Heart, by Claire Rogers, Back2Back US Staff »

Every quarter, we translate letters written from child sponsors and deliver them to the children at the homes we serve.  Often, sponsors include a family photo or stickers, but what is most impactful to the children is the realization that their sponsor is thinking of them. The children are so touched by the encouraging words […]

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