Top of the Class

“Orphans and vulnerable children in the Kisayhip Village used to stand out because they were orphans and abandoned – the lowest of the low. Now, they stand out because they are confident and have a sense of purpose in life. They have a sense of belonging and know they are deeply loved,” shared Jason Munafo, Back2Back Nigeria Director.

These days, there is a noticeable difference among the children who attend Back2Back’s Igmin Kibe Education Center in Nigeria. Children who were once struggling to grasp the fundamentals are now excelling and at the top of their class. Competent and confident. Now, John, Ezra, Mary, Joel and dozens of other children can now envision new possibilities for their future and a path out of poverty.

Now, five years since the initial launch, it’s clear that the impact is more far-reaching than we had ever imagined. People in the community are taking notice. Recently, local leaders who personally know children in the program, reached out to Back2Back to learn more about programming at the education center.

“We are seeing such a difference in the children from the village who participate in the program. The children’s character, fluency in English, academic competence and confidence is greatly improved in the past few years” they explained. “We want to replicate whatever you’re doing in other villages.”