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Sometimes children amaze me. Just when you think they are not paying attention or they don’t understand what you are trying to teach them, they say something incredibly profound.

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Hope for the Future »

During my recent visit to Back2Back’s ministry site in Mazatlan, Mexico, I was greeted at the airport by Grant Keys, one of our staff who serves at the site.

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Engaging in Global Partnerships »

In 2001, Back2Back sensed God leading us to serve the orphan and vulnerable child in Guatemala. Even early in the Back2Back story, we were anxious to share resources and grow with others who were serving children internationally.

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How Does Your Garden Grow? »

The children at Del Norte Children’s Home are already seeing the impact of a new garden on campus.

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Back2Back Cancun Highlights »

Looking back over the past three months, Back2Back Cancun has made progress in several key areas, including community mapping and construction projects at the Community Center of Trés Reyes (CCTR).

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Life Lessons »

In Nigeria, we are celebrating the addition of a new national staff member! Azubike, a statistics major at a nearby university, recently began serving at Destiny Children’s Home, tutoring the children to support their academic growth.

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Sweet Friendship »

Joy can be found in the simplest of exchanges. The girls we serve in Hyderabad, India have begun to connect with girls from a nearby village.

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Rock Pile »

Brent Fudge, Director of Back2Back Haiti, has a dream. He dreams of a permanent Back2Back campus in Haiti complete with housing for mission teams, Hope Program students and staff.

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Little Moments Bring Change »

I love people. I love their stories, and I feel beyond blessed every time someone chooses to share their story with me. By doing so, they’re inviting me into their life, a gesture that feels sacred to me.

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Reuniting Families at Manantial de Amor »

Tears streamed down 12-year-old Luis Gerardo’s face as he watched his parents drive away yet again. The scene was all too familiar—it happened every weekend.

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