Turning Pages: How Holistic Care Takes Children from Struggling to Success

When caring for children and families from vulnerable places, it is important to consider each individual wholly. Hot meals and warm beds are key pieces of the care provided, but it doesn’t stop there. Back2Back knows children heal within safe relationships, so faithful, equipped caregivers are essential to their growth. Children, and adults, from hard places cannot heal all on their own, meaning medical professionals like therapists and doctors are imperative. Back2Back also understands that, for many of the children and families served around the world, there is potential for first generation university attendance and opportunity for families to experience high school graduations for the first time through their children. Education is fundamental in breaking generational poverty and school dropouts. When considering holistic care for a vulnerable child or family, every aspect of their life needs to be considered and tended to.

When a Back2Back partnering children’s home in Nigeria met a young boy named Junior*, he was a 12-year old without a consistent parental presence and was regularly left in vulnerable situations at home. When he first arrived, his reading skills were that of someone much younger and his focus was limited. Since living in a more family-style centered environment with consistent schedules and expectations, Junior is transforming before the eyes of his caregivers.

He now attends Nigeria’s trauma-informed school and takes his studies and learning seriously. He still isn’t precisely on reading level, but in just one year’s time, his improvement is palpable. As he receives care that addresses all of his needs, he has room to thrive in classrooms, on sports fields, and understands the value of always growing. Junior is an example of the transformation that occurs when children feel safe, seen, and cared for. 

Faithful advocacy and sponsorship help provide holistic needs to vulnerable children and families, and this important work cannot be done without both. Please join Back2Back in prayer for Junior’s ongoing growth and for every child cared for in Nigeria – that their flourishing would be a result of the persistent pursuit of safe, trauma-informed adults in their lives.


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