Mazatlan, Mexico

With a population of 400,000, Mazatlan is situated on the west side of Mexico and is considered a key tourist destination. As is the case with most important destinations around the world, what is visible to a tourist only represents a small fraction of the reality of that particular community. Behind the sprawling resorts and the beautiful historic buildings exists a tremendous need for orphan care.

There are nine children’s homes registered with the Children’s Services Department in Mazatlan. Each home was birthed out of a desire to serve the orphan child, but the directors face continual obstacles. The homes have little capacity to receive new children due to the limited staffing and scarce financial resources.  Since 2011, when Back2Back was first introduced to the needs in Mazatlan, we have felt a call from God to serve orphaned children in this region. Our desire is to be a part of the story that God is writing in the lives of orphaned children in Mazatlan.

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Rancho de los Niños Children’s Home

Rancho de los Niños is the only home in Mazatlan, Mexico that specializes in caring for children with disabilities and special needs. The home was founded in 2004, Back2Back began serving alongside them in 2012, and in early 2016, Back2Back assumed sole responsibility and management of Rancho de los Ninos. On average, 20 children between the […]

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Salvation Army Children’s Home

Salvation Army Children’s Home in Mazatlan, Mexico was founded in 1993 by the Salvation Army.  The home is unique in that the leadership is distinctly Christian; the directors were trained in seminary.  Around 25 children, ages 5-16 years old, live at the home at any given time. They attend a local public school.  In their […]

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Floreser Children’s Home

Floreser was started in 2009 by Brenda, a woman with a heart for teenage girls who have been removed from their family due to neglect or abuse. The girls receive individual therapy to help them work through the neglect they have experienced. Floreser is the only home of its kind in the state of Sinaloa, and […]

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Mazatlan Hope Program

On May 17th, 2015 the Hope Program was officially launched in Mazatlan, Mexico with the dedication of the Abigail House. The Abigail House was the first Hope home in Back2Back Mazatlán. Six girls from Floreser, Salvation Army and Rancho de los Niños children’s homes now call the Abigail House home and enjoy family-style living – residing with […]

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Back2Back Ministries is an international Christian non-profit organization dedicated to being a voice for orphans. We exist to love and care for orphans and vulnerable children, by meeting their spiritual, physical, educational, emotional and social needs that they might overcome their life circumstances and break free from the cycle of generational poverty.

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