How Does Your Garden Grow? »

The children at Del Norte Children’s Home are already seeing the impact of a new garden on campus.

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Chocolate Cupcakes »

When I stepped off the plane in Mexico, I was ready to tell a story. I thought I would encounter a narrative similar to those in magazines and television.

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As Far as the Eye Can See »

Sixteen-year-old Sandi may be reserved when you first meet her, but her personality comes to life once she feels comfortable. Surrounded by friends at school and the children’s home, Sandi is grounded and responsible, in part due to being the oldest girl living at San Jose Children’s Home.

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Shining God’s Light in Bonfil »

Joseline attends the programming faithfully. She loves craft time and thrives within the nurturing environment. For Joseline, and many of the other children, the meal at Mission Educ-Arte will be on the only one they receive that day.

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A Voice for the Orphan »

I sit in this moment, realizing this Orphan Sunday event is a moment in time that God peels back heaven a little to remind us of how He is intertwining our stories, redeeming our brokenness, and challenging us to give to others that which we have been given.

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Neighborly Love, by Nate Gangwer, Back2Back Nigeria Intern »

  A few weeks ago we began our first project with another team.  We spent the entire day doing projects at the Oasis Community Center in the Kisayhip Village of Jos, Nigeria.  The majority of the team painted the community center with a primer coat to get ready for the Back2Back team next week.  The […]

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Standing Back2Back with Nationals, by Matt & Julie Cooper, Back2Back Cancun »

Through a series of God-events, we have met a pastor by the name of Victor. Pastor Victor has a small church in a neighborhood named Tres Reyes. Tres Reyes is the same neighborhood where we have been helping Noehmi’s family build a house. Victor has a desire to reach the people Tres Reyes for Christ. […]

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World Cup Outreach in Nigeria, by Corrie Guckenberger, Back2Back Nigeria Staff »

This past Friday, the first World Cup game of the year was played on South African soil. As a ministry we used this event to kick-off our new “Oasis Community Center”. It was our grand opening of a Center that will host the viewing of futbol games and other media events. It is a joint […]

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