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Our work is only possible because of our incredible staff members. Their missional mindsets have fostered a space where lives can be changed and true discipleship can happen.


Art Teacher

To develop tools and art skills in students, applicable to their educational, social and professional development.

Assistant to Cincinnati Site Director

This position enhances Back2Back Cincinnati’s effectiveness by providing office support along with assisting with Back2Back Cincinnati opportunities, including coordinating camps and retreats.

Back2Back Cincinnati Internships

Located in our corporate hometown of Cincinnati, interns will experience first-hand the stories of success that are being written within the city of Cincinnati.

Back2Back Learn Manager

Increase the competency and capacity of the global staff team through strategies that target collaboration, site ownership, and localization of content. Develop, deliver, and track online assignments through Back2Back Learn and align with global and site offline training to build momentum toward current and future developmental goals.

Care Coordinator

To offer holistic, trauma competent, relational care for families to keep families united and growing together toward dependence on Jesus, interdependence in community, and economic independence and sustainability.

Child and Family Development Team help

Fluent Spanish speaker to help with translation of training materials, and other documents given to the Spanish speaking sites.

Children’s Home Project Manager

Plan and implement construction and repair projects at the Children's Home that Back2Back works with.

Coaching Coordinator

Develop and implement principles and best practices of coaching vulnerable youth and children. Train mentors and volunteers in these principles and best practices while developing coaching acumen and relational sustainability.

Community Development Coordinator

Grow and support the community development relationships and resources including: grant writing, volunteer retention, volunteer application process, and community development team. This role strengthens the organization in continuous improvement to meet the identified needs of children, youth, and adults that the ministry serves in Cincinnati.

Community Development Manager

Develop and lead strategies for Back2Back Cincinnati staff concerning principles and best practices for community development and self care while extending our investment into neighborhood based community development strategies.

Development Officer

Responsible for growing the resources to accomplish the mission and vision of Back2Back.

Development Officer Volunteer

Secure funding for the organization by developing a group of assigned, qualified donors (caseload). Assure as many as possible are retained as continuing donors and upgraded in their giving and involvement, thereby helping them to fulfill their passions and interests through giving to Back2Back and enabling the ministry to accomplish its mission and vision.

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