Doce Piedras (12 Stones) Spiritual Life Coordinator


Position Title: Doce Piedras (12 Stones) Spiritual Life Coordinator
Location: Mazatlan, Mexico
Status: Full-Time
Reports to: Director of Doce Piedras 
Works closely with: Doce Piedras Interdisciplinary Team (IDT), Programs Developer and Doce Piedras staff

Position summary: Coordinate and mentor staff and volunteers involved in the spiritual development of children, caregivers, and families at the Doce Piedras Center for Holistic Child Development.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Develop and Lead the Discipleship Program
    • Recruit, select, and train mentors (staff and volunteers) who will work directly with children, caregivers, and families
    • Continuously disciple the mentors through regular check-ins and connection
    • Maintain a bank of resources for the mentors to use with their mentees
  • Lead the Spiritual Area for the Interdisciplinary Team
    • Oversee the mentors to assess the spiritual development, identify needs, set goals, and make plans for each child and/or caregiver
    • Regularly meet with IDT to discuss progress and implement changes (or coordinate mentors to attend the IDT meetings as indicated)
  • Lead Spiritual programming within Doce Piedras
    • Identify needs and communicate program suggestions to program developer
    • Coordinate small groups, Bible classes/studies, and individual mentorship
    • Coordinate special events such as worship nights, conferences, speakers, etc. that are designed to promote spiritual growth
  • Network with Churches, Ministries, and Other Organizations
    • Connect with local churches and church leadership to form and maintain relationships
    • Work in coordination with the local church to ensure that children, caregivers, and families are receiving what they need to develop spiritually
    • Develop a network of organizations and people who possess appropriate skills and resources to care for the spiritual health of children, caregivers, and families
  • Guard the Christ-centered and Scriptural culture of Doce Piedras via the staff
    • Educate, influence and reinforce Biblical principles to staff and mentors
    • Pray regularly with and for staff and volunteers
    • Support the spiritual welfare of Doce Piedras staff through Bible studies, discipleship, and other avenues
  • Participate in other responsibilities as a member of the Back2Back staff team
    • Assist as needed with organizational special events
    • Develop and maintain a team of ministry partners that fully fund the position.

Required education and experience:

  • Experience mentoring and discipling
  • Graduate of 4-year university
    • Or a graduate of a Bible or ministry training program
  • Mature Christian
  • Fluent in Spanish (or with a plan to achieve fluency)
  • Leadership experience preferred
  • Mission field experience preferred

Required skills and abilities:

  • Have a clear understanding of and commitment to Back2Back’s mission and vision.
  • Adhere to and share the Back2Back Statement of Faith, Cultural Values, and Standards of a Staff Member.
  • Operate with basic competency in Microsoft Office and Google Applications.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Relational, compassionate; able to empathize and encourage                            
  • Strategic-thinker, able to implement and support strategic plans
  • Strong leadership and problem-solving skills
  • Flexible and teachable; adaptable to change
  • Displays wisdom and prayerfulness in decision-making
  • Able to work cooperatively and to contribute as a team-player
  • Demonstrate character and integrity above reproach in all areas of conduct and life, including the ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Agree with and comply with the Biblical characteristics for those in leadership positions
  • Willing to work lovingly with a wide range of denominations
  • Willing and able to work across cultural boundaries

This job description is intended to convey essential information about the scope and requirements of the position. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of qualifications, skills, duties or responsibilities associated with the role. Staff may be assigned tasks other than those specifically listed in this description in order to further the goals of the role or of the organization.

Back2Back Ministries is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people, and vulnerable adults as outlined in the Back2Back Safeguarding Policy. We recognize the effectiveness of safe recruitment and are committed to recruiting candidates who share this commitment to safeguarding. 

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