A Day at the Ranch

At the end of December, eight young adults and ten Back2Back Mazatlán staff were able to take part in a special day set aside just for them. Local volunteers who regularly visit this home and serve there invited them to a farm/ranch called Las Habas. 

It was a full day in which the young adults were able to connect with nature, animals, and take part in feeding other living creatures like horses, ducks, chickens, dogs, cats, cows, and bulls. When they weren’t feeding the animals and taking time to pet them, they were participating in recreational activities like tug of war, running races, breaking a piñata, and singing karaoke.

It was a day of new experience and time away from their normal routines. When asked how the day was, they unanimously shared their favorite part was allowing the animals to eat directly from their hands!

“Days like these are so special, because it allows them to be in new surroundings, experiencing moments they wouldn’t otherwise have,” shared Back2Back staff. “It also grows their social circles as they connect deeper with local volunteers.”

Caregivers are always looking for opportunities to grow social and emotional impact for each young adult they serve; outings like this are a perfect way to accomplish this goal. The day was successful, and it did not end when it was over – the volunteers invited them all out for tacos after!

Together, local volunteers, dedicated staff members, and advocates from around the world are helping transform the social/emotional health and maturity of young adults in Mexico. Please join Back2Back in prayer that these special days seen as just fun for them leave ripple effects of impact for their lifetime.