Off to the Mountains

The atmosphere was quiet with the exception of a fire’s crackling and the hushed prayers of five safe adults. The seven teenagers present bowed their heads and closed their eyes, taking in the words being prayed over them, processing all that had taken place over the previous days. Among the seven teens, two were specifically impacted and made decisions that would change the rest of their days.

Recently, seven teens and five Back2Back staff members went to the mountains of Durango to disconnect from technology and spend time with each other and God. The retreat was focused on life being in Christ and each day they participated in fun, intentional activities and teachings focused on shared time with God.

“We had bonfires when the weather cooperated, and when it didn’t, we sat around the fire inside the mountainside cabin we stayed in,” shared Taylor Oritz, Back2Back staff. Three of the staff leaders shared their testimonies and responded to the question, “why follow Jesus?” They each shared how choosing Jesus changed their lives and how, after accepting Him, they found true life in Him. 

The time of vulnerability was fruitful; on the final night, they sat together, worship music playing, and prayed over each teen. At the end of the prayer, two young adults stepped forward with a desire to dedicate their lives to Christ. The weekend concluded when each teen was given three handwritten notes from important people in their lives. A few of them broke down reading the encouraging words penned just for them, and the general consensus was they wanted to stay on the mountain just a little bit longer.

Many of the teens expressed desires to change their day-to-day routines once they did return; one young lady said she was going to serve at her church regularly, a young man started looking for a church to attend, and another young woman wanted to be more intentional in her relationship with God.

Three days, a quiet cabin, a mountainside, and wide open vulnerability allowed seven hearts to soften and grow in their love for the Lord and the safe adults in their lives. Hallelujah.