The Impact of Local Volunteers

The local volunteer initiative in Mexico is one of the most thriving areas of the work being done in-country. Recently, current volunteers attended the film premiere for Sound of Freedom at a local theater. They passed out flyers about an informational meeting to become a volunteer. As a result of their service, several people showed up to the meeting the following week. 

“Our local volunteers are dedicated and passionate about serving vulnerable populations,” shared Martha Garcia, Back2Back Volunteer Coordinator. “They were excited to recruit more volunteers and share about the work they do and the impact it creates.”

The informational meetings help potential volunteers understand the rigorous vetting process required to integrate on to the volunteer team, be assigned to a specific children’s home, and in some cases, specific children. Professionals, housewives, students, and retirees all showed up to the meeting, different in personalities and talents, but with a shared goal of pursuing the vulnerable.

“We hope these meetings spread the message that no one’s stage of life should disqualify them from making a difference,” shared Martha. “They are all united by their heart for service and willinging to make a difference in the life of a child.”

The impact of a local volunteer in the life of a child isn’t always quantifiable, but in some cases it can be. Alan* is a young man who grew up in a children’s home and has met with a local volunteer for most of his life. He is currently learning to live independently, taking to heart the lessons he is learning from his mentor (a local volunteer). He is navigating living in the adult world, accumulating positive experiences, and is understanding each day how healthy it is to have personal independence and a dependence on Jesus.

Alan understands he is never alone, there are safe people in whom he can confide and trust. This is the power of the local volunteer movement in Monterrey; children and teens truly know there will always be someone to cheer them on, and that day by day, they can change the course of their stories.