Beating to His Own Drum

Earlier this year, Rohan* taught himself how to play guitar using YouTube videos. He expressed a passion for learning to play musical instruments and he set out to accomplish this goal. He learned quickly and started leading times of worship for the children and staff on campus. Their excitement for his talent pushed him to practice more and grow in his abilities. Shortly after learning the guitar, he expressed desire to learn the drums, and staff helped him find a music camp to tackle his next objective.

Together they found a month-long music camp in the heart of the city. It was a concentrated four weeks of private drum lessons, practicing alongside other musicians, and nurturing a budding talent in teens from all over India.

Rohan returned to campus with a renewed vigor for his musicianship.  Staff unfortunately could not afford a full drum kit for him to practice with at the home, but Rohan did not let that deter him from chasing after his desires to bring more music to the campus; he simply built his own drum kit with materials from around his living spaces. With a used suitcase, soup pot lids, and a few other materials, he created a makeshift drum kit and got to playing.

This is the power of young adults narrowing in on what brings them joy, what they find passion in, and asking trusted adults to help them make those dreams a reality.