Until Every Child is Known & Loved

Child sponsorship is an integral part of the work Back2Back does internationally. It is a tangible way to show vulnerable children and families they are not alone and always have people in their corners, cheering them on. Recently, a new group of children transitioned into a partnering children’s home in Nigeria and are in need of faithful sponsors.

Through sponsorship, your financial giving provides holistic care for every child Back2Back cares for through nutritious meals, educational access and tutors, athletic opportunities, medical care and necessary therapies, and small group work to grow in their relationships with God. As a sponsor, you also have the opportunity to write and receive letters with your sponsor child, allowing intentional connection to flourish in their lives as you share with one another about your day-to-day happenings.

For the children in a new home, sponsorship is one way they can feel connected as they’re navigating new relationships and finding new rhythms. If you have ever felt the pull to support a child internationally, Back2Back would love to partner with you!

For more information about Back2Back’s sponsorship program and to “meet” some of the children in need of safe relationship with a sponsor, please visit https://back2back.org/sponsor/

Please join Back2Back in prayer over the many children within the sponsorship program, that they know how loved and seen they are as they grow and change.