To Maintain Tradition

There is a particular time of year every year where colorful kites can be seen floating and hanging all around Haiti. While Americans celebrate Easter with egg hunts, Haitians hand make kites from colorful paper, sticks, or whatever supplies they can find around their homes. This time of year provides the strongest winds, allowing children and adults alike to flee outside, flying their beautiful creations for all to see. 

In honor of this time of year and to encourage creativity and innovation in the children, the Strong Families staff team hosted a kite-building activity. Staff do their best every day to keep fun traditions and normalcy alive for the children, even in the midst of unrest and turmoil. This class was one way they could provide tradition for the children. 

The staff team gathered, offering their assistance and expertise in building kites. The children were excited to go out after school to fly their kites and felt, even if just for a few moments, that things weren’t all that different, and customs were still going to be honored by the safe adults in their lives.