Preparing for Their Futures

Three Senior students from a Back2Back-run, trauma-informed school recently experienced a rite of passage many teens around the world share – college visits! In early March, three seniors visited five local universities to learn more about their options for furthering their education.

“The three students, along with three Back2Back staff, took a lot of time to prepare for this special time in their lives,” explained Rachel Osuna, Back2Back staff and teacher. “Each student was assisted in applying for necessary vocational testing and also took tests to help them better understand their personal learning styles.” Staff also took intentional time to answer questions the students had and help them measure their expectations for the visits.

The day of the visits brought a lot of nerves for each of the students, but with trusted adults by their sides, their excitement grew and anxieties dissipated. They asked questions throughout the day, truly showing engagement with the spaces around them and the information they were absorbing. Following the visits, students shared their thoughts with each other and staff, discussing first impressions and what universities felt like the best fit for each of them. They organized all the information they gathered and started to narrow down their choices for where they wanted to end up.

“It was such a special time to debrief with them and see their expectancy and excitement grow as they considered the best choices for each of their futures,” shared Rachel.

Currently, all three students are still wading through the brochures they collected and the information they received about each of the five choices they have. Please join Back2Back staff in prayer over these big decisions the young adults will be making. Pray they feel resounding guidance on what is best for their stories and that they continue to trust God and the safe adults in their lives to help lead them.