Like a New Start

A child’s behavior can be linked to many variables. Are they eating enough? Drinking enough water? Are their sleep schedules consistent? Are they being nurtured at home? These are all questions Back2Back staff have been attuned to asking when behavioral issues arise. Recently, a family in the Strong Families Program was given an ultimatum at the school their children attend.

“The family was experiencing a hygiene concern at home and were struggling to manage it,” explained Ale Castro, Back2Back staff.

Around the same time the school urged the family to address the issue, a specialist in the area reached out to Ale wanting to offer their cleaning services at a very discounted price. “One part of the service would treat each family member and the other part deep cleans the homes – which is a needed step to fully absolve the setback,” explained Ale. The children in the homes were suffering physically and emotionally as sleeping at night was difficult and they felt alienated at school.

As of today, four families and 12 individuals have received full treatment. The care each child and family received has helped them physically and emotionally; they are able to rest, they aren’t worried about being asked to leave school, and their homes are truly clear of the former concern. The families are refreshed and feel like they have a new start. This is the power of advocacy and the fruits of financial giving – children and families are assisted in matters they can’t fully handle alone and they understand their needs are known and will be met.

Join Back2Back in prayer for the Strong Families Program in Monterrey and for each individual child within those families, that they better understand each day to use their voices to ask for help and trust the safe adults around them.