Chasing His Aspirations

A young man pointing to the monitor of a computer

A goal at one of Back2Back’s homes in Mazatlán is to come alongside young adults and work toward independence and sustainability. Recently, a young man who has long lived at the home expressed interest in finding a job and developing a budget for his own income.

“He has many dreams and aspirations and over the years has shared more and more with our staff team about what those look like,” shared Eleazar Cardosa, Back2Back staff.

One of the necessary steps toward employment is documentation allowing legal work from the government and a tax status certificate. Early on, he knew he needed these things and immediately asked his House parents and the staff psychologist to help him obtain these papers.

Currently, he is spending his days looking at various job opportunities at nearby hotels as maintenance, reception, or in gardening. He is submitting applications everywhere he can and has recently attended a few interviews!

Staff are excited for the ways this young man, and so many others like him, are stepping into their own confidence and voicing their needs and desires. Please join Back2Back in prayer over Ezekial* – that he would find a job which suits him well and continue to know through the highs and lows, he has a team of safe adults who always want the best for him.