To Disciple Intentionally

Susy walks through the doors of a Back2Back-partnering children’s home in Monterrey. As she turns to wave to two brothers she knows well, they race each other to get to her first.

“Susy, guess what?!”

“Susy, I got a 100% on my math test!”

“Susy, when are we going to write sponsor letters?”

“Susy! My birthday is in TWO WEEKS! I hope I get a chocolate donut!”

She smiles as she listens and responds to each exclamation from Miguel* and his brother Marco*. The boys walk with her to the picnic table, continuing their banter, filling her in on their week and school, until they arrive at the table and sit down together. “Okay!” Susy’s eyes light up. “What shall we get into today?”

Susy Gibler started volunteering at a partnering children’s home in 2018. She worked with Miguel, a boy who had previously proven difficult for adults to connect with. Susy’s desire to connect with him wasn’t swayed by this and with perseverance, patience, and a hope to make a difference, she focused four years of her time connecting with and developing a relationship with Miguel. She ensured he felt known and loved. Miguel now openly shares that God, Susy, and other safe adults in his life love him and care about what he has to say.

In 2020, as a result of the pandemic, many volunteers took a break from visiting with the children in hopes of minimizing spread and illness, however Susy chose to continue giving her time. She came an extra hour every week to disciple Marco, Miguel’s younger brother. She intentionally gives extra time each week, discipling him and helping him understand his true value and potential.

“I am so proud to have introduced a safe adult into my brother’s life,” shared Miguel recently. “Susy makes us both better and never allows us to forget how loved and seen we are.”

Susy’s desire to keep serving vulnerable children has grown and six months ago, she joined Back2Back staff as a Discipleship Liaison. Her role allows her to motivate and train other volunteers in speaking Biblical truth to the hearts of each child served in Monterrey. She is now officially a staff member, but continues to volunteer at the home and is prayerful to remain a significant part of Miguel and Marco’s lives.

This is the power of local volunteers at every site Back2Back serves – intentionality and heart go a long way and will not soon be forgotten by the children it impacts.