Loved Just as You Are

Martina* was born with the odds stacked against her. At just two days old, she was placed in a government children’s home by her mother who was unable to properly care for her. Around the same time, the Vega Hernández family, a couple married for 22 years, felt called to become a foster family, specifically to offer love and safety to a young girl in need. This is really where the story begins.

In December, 2017, Martina was one and half years old and she was driven to meet with Jaime and Marbella Vega Hernández. When the couple met the little girl, she was unable to smile or make eye contact, she lacked muscle tone, and wasn’t able to hold her head  up on her own. Jaime and Marbella welcomed her into their home joyfully and thanks to the power of their love and care, Martina received new hope in overcoming her struggles and developing healthily.

Martina continued living with the couple and growing physically and emotionally when her foster mother was diagnosed with cancer. As her health declined, she was hospitalized and Martina learned what it meant to be loved by an entire family. Jaime spent a great deal of time with his wife in the hospital, but he didn’t leave Martina to her own devices. His extended family stepped up, without question, and showed Martina she will always have family to care for her. Everyday, she and Jaime had lunch and spent intentional time with her.

Sadly, two weeks later, Marbella was called Home, and Jaime, Martina, and his extended family grieved their loss. His family continued to remain united in helping care for his foster daughter and keep her and Jaime together. As they process their loss, Jaime is attending therapy and has outlets that bring him joy and energy and also ensure Martina receives the same.

So many were touched by the story of this foster family that in August, a civil association was created in honor of the mother and daughter. The organization will care for children diagnosed with all ranges of the same ailment Martina was diagnosed with at a  young age. It was created in honor of the foster mother and daughter and the love they shared. It also serves as a tangible reminder to remain in the fight for orphaned and vulnerable children.
This is just one story of a multitude representing the Foster Care program in Monterrey. Each day, more loving, called families are stepping into the gap to provide loving homes and safe environments for vulnerable children. Each day, foster families are stepping forward to ensure one less child is left wondering who loves them. Together, the Foster Care program and Back2Back staff are saying, you are loved right here, right now, just as you are.