Who They Are in Jesus

The spiritual growth of teens served globally is a key part of the work Back2Back staff does on the ground. Devotional classes, mentoring, and retreats are just a few ways staff work toward this connection and growth. Every year, Cancun staff host teen retreats for those middle school to college aged.

This year, the retreat was held on a Thursday and Friday for all the teens. The young men’s theme was Identity in Christ and the girls’ was True Beauty/Beautiful in Light of the Bible. It is a time for both teens and staff to look forward to every year. This year, the girls spent one day at the Community Center of Tres Reyes and one day at a local park, and the young men did the same, on opposite days. The final afternoon was a session for both groups to come together and close with worship and prayer.

Back2Back social worker, Kenny Gomez, shared, “The small group time with the girls was impactful. Each of them shared something they are struggling with and it gave the rest of the group an opportunity to encourage one another.

Juan Suarez, Back2Back staff, shared about the boys’ retreat, “It was a special time where each of them learned more about their identity in Christ and discussed personal matters in small groups.”

Staff provided food and games. They also took intentional time to affirm each teen and remind them that, together, they are a community, each possessing God-given gifts they can use to make a difference.

The power of advocacy, prayer, and sponsorship cannot be overlooked in moments of spiritual maturation and community like this. One prayer, one letter, one moment of giving helps provide safe space for teens to flourish and better understand who they are in Jesus.