Mothers & Daughters: A Time of Pampering and Connection

Two long rows of stools were filled with mothers and daughters facing each other. There was giggling in the air as they slathered each other’s faces in a facial mask and felt them tightening as the mask dried on their skin.

“Our first summer team came with a desire to serve the moms and daughters,” shared Amy Perez, Back2Back staff. Together, the visiting team and Back2Back staff held a spa day for all the mothers and daughters served in Cancun. There were multiple stations to help the women relax – facials, nails, make-up, and a special station for notes. The daughters were encouraged to write down something they struggled with regarding their mom, and share it with her, and then to write down something they appreciated about their mom and also share that with her out loud.

“It was a powerful time for everyone present,” shared Amy. “It gave the young ladies an opportunity to speak vulnerably with their moms and to realize all daughters have hiccups with their mothers; our staff psychologist also gave an impactful talk toward the end of the event.”

Lili, staff psychologist, reminded the girls there will always be things we disagree with or struggle with when we are in relationship, but that they will always be thankful to have their moms around.

On the surface it was an afternoon of pampering, but staff are confident and prayerful that the end of their time together brought fresh perspective for both mothers and daughters about each other and their growing relationships.