Making Educational Progress

Ishir* is a young man who has experienced loss at an early age. He and his family joined the Strong Families Program in India several years ago, and the support they’ve received from staff and other families has grown Ishir exponentially. In 2021, he, his sister, and his mother suffered the devastating loss of their father. His grandparents rallied around them, taking in the children and their mom, and Ishir forged ahead in his academic endeavors through the program in their neighborhood.

While their mother works during the day sorting rags alongside the rest of their family, Ishir and his sister attend a government school in 6th and 9th grades. In the evenings, the siblings attend programming at the Strong Families center and receive tutoring help. “Ishir is enthusiastic about his studies and shows great effort in and out of the classroom,” shared Sampath Burla, Back2Back staff. Ishir’s family did not receive the same opportunities as he and his sister do, meaning literacy is low, and the assistance they need to do well in school is found at the center.

His time there, with safe adults invested in his growth, has allowed Ishir to mature emotionally. According to staff, he understands the value of verbalizing his feelings, he plays well with others, and balances his friendships and responsibilities equally.

This level of growth and healing is only possible due to advocacy and sponsorship. Children are afforded opportunities they may otherwise never know, and together with donors, sponsors, and advocates, we are breaking cycles and forging new goals alongside children and families.