The Power of Education

Back2Back knows that in order for children to flourish, more than just their physical needs must be met. The five-point child development plan each site and partnering home uses allows more than physical care to be provided.

Educational opportunities and support are just one step in allowing children to move toward sustainability and breaking generational poverty and cycles of trauma. At many of our sites, the knowledge of a second language, often English, further ensures children will grow to be more marketable in the workplace as they pursue higher education and employment opportunities. With this in mind, Mama Paulita’s Children’s Home recently used faithful sponsorship support to hire an English tutor for all elementary and middle-school aged children in the home.

Señor Flores meets with each group weekly, leading them in the basics of spoken English, and the children are already learning so much! This is the power of faithful sponsorship from around the world – cycles are broken, dreams are built, and children realize their potential.